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Two Must-Have Items for New Moms

I know how much moms love unsolicited advice about how to parent their children. Rest assured, that is NOT what this is. These are some things that I thought I would never need, buy, or even think of, that totally saved my life as a mom, especially being a single parent. Check out these two items that have been essentials for me and my little ones.

The Guinea Pig Child

Were you the type of parent that was totally prepared for your first child but started to slack on the second? OR were you like me, clueless for the first child and a little bit wiser the second time around? Well, my daughter was my guinea pig child. And yes, she survived. But there are some things I was introduced to when I had my second child, that I wish I would’ve known about the first time around. I know I said these are “must haves,” but at the end of the day, we all have different styles, preferences, and budgets. So these are just suggestions for baby gear and gadgets.

  1. The LILLEbaby Carrier

These things can be a little pricey. My super generous friend blessed me with one when my little guy was at his clingiest! As a single parent, it was hard for me to get much done around the house when my son constantly wanted to be in my arms. My doctor suggested that I get a carrier, so I bought a cheap one and he HATED it (not because it was cheap; he’s not that bougie). Either way, I thought the whole carrier thing was a lost cause, until I visited my friend.lillebaby carrier amazon

I had to run out to my car to get something and left 

EEA2A238-A8C3-4E2A-93F6-2E0AF8365DD5my son inside with her. He was upset by my 37 second absence, naturally. When I walked in the house, she had him in her Lillebaby carrier. I’d never seen him look so cozy and content in a carrier. I honestly couldn’t believe it, and I was sold!

A few weeks later, I found the sweetest surprise in the mail of this carrier. Now, at 18 months, we are still loving our Lillebaby. Like I said, they are not the cheapest thing around but, are totally worth it!

This isn’t your ordinary carrier either. They offer support for a variety of holds including the ever-famous hip hold! Come on now. Click the link to check it out, mom. It might make your job a little bit easier.

2.   The Infinitely Useful Boppy Pillow

I didn’t have a long breastfeeding journey with my little girl, so I was never introduced to the boppy pillow. It might seem like an obvious purchase for some, but it’s a common misconception that this pillow is only useful if you’re nursing. However the benefits of using it while nursing, are pretty great. When my son was first born, I was taking classes online. Cluste

r feedings took up most of my day. But with my boppy pillow I was able to nurse him, hands-free. I could keep him safely nuzzled, while still using my laptop! I was even able to do my daughters hair while nursing him, which is a huge undertaking. Many of my “feeling like supermom” moments were accompanied by the use of my boppy pillow.


As he got bigger, the pillow acted as a support to him as he learned to sit up on his own. I don’t know how many times this pillow saved my wobbly weeble from hurting himself while learning to sit up.

And finally, it’s A STINKIN’ PILLOW, always. I’ve even fallen asleep on it. It’s something that will go along with your hospital bag and be useful well beyond day one. Another purchase, well worth the price!


In This Together

Whether you’re pregnant right now or already have a little one, it’s not too late to pick these items up! Everyone has their opinions on parenting and what it “should” look like. And it can be super annoying. But this is the kind of advice I love to offer up. Things that make mom life easier. Remember mamas, we’re in this together. Happy shopping!

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