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Two Must-Have Items for New Moms

I know how much moms love unsolicited advice about how to parent their children. Rest assured, that is NOT what this is. These are some things that I thought I would never need, buy, or even think of, that totally saved my life as a mom, especially being a single parent. Check out these two items that have been essentials for me and my little ones. Continue reading “Two Must-Have Items for New Moms”


Take Your Place

Lately, I have noticed a theme as I scroll through my different social media sites. Brokeness. People are hurting and don’t know how to cope. I understand this feeling all too well.  I’ve been there. However, although I am not in the clear, I have developed a greater understanding of God’s healing power and renewing grace. And through my blog, it has been my mission to share this with others.

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My Darkest Truth: Maggie Day’s Story

This past week, I binged watched the second season of 13 Reasons Why. Some of it, I couldn’t relate to because I had a much different high school experience, I thank God and my praying mother for that. Regardless, it was painful to watch. To know that this is reality for many people. Going through the motions of life, yet experiencing a pain so unbearable, they chose to hurt themselves or others.  Continue reading “My Darkest Truth: Maggie Day’s Story”